The Mapped Oaks Project

Students from the McNeese State University program in Natural Resource Conservation and Management are locating the mature live oaks  (Quercus virginiana) as they walk along public streets in Lake Charles. They record the tree location, height, and trunk circumference. The circumference is converted to trunk diameter, known as DBH, diameter at breast height. In the tables, height is in meters and DBH in centimeters.  The tree locations are mapped from Global Positioning System coordinates recorded by smart phones. 

This project has been sponsored by the Daniel and Ellen Goos Endowed Professorship and the Louie D. Barbe Endowed Professorship at McNeese State University.


Survey areas so far

We started on McNeese campus (over 300 mature oaks), proceeding to downtown Lake Charles and the Charpentier Historic District, Central School, the Civic Center and Lakeshore Drive along the Lake Charles beach, Enterprise Boulevard, St. Patrick Hospital, University Place, Oak Park subdivision, West McNeese neighborhoods, College Oaks, Prien Lake Park, south Lake Street and the Tuten Park area. We have begun measurements in Sulphur in and around Frasch Park and made one trip to Moss Bluff. Almost 3,000 oaks are mapped and we are still in the field.


Mapped Oaks, early 2019

Carbon storage

How much carbon is stored in the mature live oak trees on MSU campus? See this spreadsheet.  Link to MSUOaks